Blé Doré

The French Bakery

Opening Date “Thursday 28th of November 2017"

About Us

who we are

 We at Blé Doré  blelieve in the Golden Quality, The Finest Golden Wheat For your taste buds, The Finest coffee beans to give you that golden aroma and the Golden standards for the Finest quality of service and materials that is sure to stir up your senses.

The main concept behind the creation of  Blé Doré is to bring the delectable French Taste with a pinch of global Flavors along with it ! We are not bakery ,We are not coffee ,We are not the place where you get your morning coffee from ,We are not place for you and your friend to gather at and have breakfast ,We are not place where you can get your significant other and just sit down and have a fun conversation with some heavenly Pastries ,We are not the really new ,Hip fun place that is about to open ,We are all of that but so much more

We are Blé Doré


Fresh Bread

from table to table